“After School” Program (Spring)

Ages: 8+

The “After School” program at The Links introduces Children to Golf in an indoor setting.  Because the program is after school, it allows children to decompress from a long day while allowing them to refocus on a new physical activity.  Lessons will be held Indoors at The Links Clubhouse Golf Academy.

The after school program is designed for beginners.  Our indoor facilities allow instructors/youths to practice putting, chipping, pitching and full swings.  Because we are indoors, instructors are able to focus more sharply on details that might otherwise be lost in an outdoor setting.

Instructors use age appropriate games, drills, and instructional techniques during each session. FUN being the motivator, learning the objective.

Children will be instructed on their grip, address position, and basic swing motion too a balanced follow through.  Instructors will also touch upon golf etiquette and safety issues. Putting and chipping skills will be taught using the same simple triangular connection motion. While pitching will be taught as a mini version of the larger swing motion.

As games are a big part of kids learning, they will be used regularly to motivate and monitor the children’s progress. Sign-up for the after school program and take $25 off any other future Jr. Linksters golf camps your youth registers for during the same calendar year.

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Limited to 4 students/class
(*3 student minimum)

Age: 8+

4:10pm – 5:25pm

Monday – Friday

Cost: $150

Camp Dates
March 18,19,20,21,22

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Camp #10

*Minimum number of registrations required is 3, or camp can be cancelled at the discretion of The Links.